8 ECTS credits

Starts from 2022

Objective of the course

– Contextualise, through the analysis of its structure, the impact that the progressive digital transformation of our societies may have on the Spanish cultural sector.
– To learn about our business models in the cultural sector based on digitalisation.
– To learn about the main trends and enablers of digital transformation in the cultural sector.
– To reflect on the implications, risks and opportunities of digital transformation through the analysis of practices in the sector.
– Understand audience building and customer experience as critical strategic processes for cultural companies.
– Develop your own action plan as a guide for digital transformation.

Dates Jueves y viernes de 16.00 a 21.00 y Sábados (online) de 9.00 a 14.00 horas Ubicació Semi presencial. Fundación Universidad-Empresa Enllaç d'inscripció