University Certificate in Culture, well-being and health in the new European Agenda for culture. Applications to cultural policy, 1st Edition

Today, culture has been recognised as a powerful resource for local development, both from an economic and social point of view. In particular, as recognised by the New European Agenda for Culture, cultural participation affects the well-being of an individual, a community and a country. The proposed course aims to explore in a theoretical and practical way the intersection between culture, health and well-being. This will be done by reviewing the field of culture from the perspective of well-being and health and, conversely, by looking at the field of health and well-being from its cultural dimension.

The course objectives are

a) To broaden the field of cultural action by introducing a welfare perspective;

b) To provide knowledge on the relationship between Culture, Health and Well-being;

c) To provide knowledge on the evaluation of the impacts of culture on well-being.

d) To provide tools for the implementation of cross-cutting projects.

e) To provide knowledge about the financial instruments available for Culture, Health and Welfare projects.

Dates Del
Al 25/06/2022
Jueves y Viernes (15:30-20:30) y Sábados online (8:30-13:30)
Ubicació Semipresencial Enllaç d'inscripció