White Paper on Design Enabled Innovation in Europe


Design can express culture, develop novel concepts and new products, underpin business growth, facilitate social innovation, humanise technology, and support and guide systemic change to deliver a better life.
It has been a decade since the time when the EU first recognised design as the source of innovation and included it in the core themes of Europe 2020 flagship initiative Innovation Union1. In the last ten years, both the design discipline and the policy environment have changed considerably. Therefore, it is urgent for EU policy makers to adopt a new dynamic and update existing design innovation policies to meet new challenges in today’s new and complex policy environment.
This White Paper proposes a next generation of EU design innovation policies with a focus on the shift from traditional design-driven innovation to Design enabled Innovation (DeI), with a view to harnessing the full potential of design to trigger systemic change in a broader socio-technical level to address pressing global challenges today.

Report Data de publicació 2021 Pages 1-42