The satisfaction of urban tourists: an exploratory analysis based on the case of Valencia


“València, 1808-2015. La història continua” is the result of the contributions of those researchers who participated in the II Congrés d’Història de la Ciutat de València. A meeting organised by Aula Ciutat, the research group attached to the Inter-University Institute for Local Development, which brought together experts of the stature of José Luis Oyón, Jean-Luc Pinol, José Azcárraga and Vicent Monfort in February 2015. Researchers who have the city and its urban environment at the centre of their studies and who tackled and debated different areas such as urban planning, architecture and art, urban conflicts, didactics, demography, tourism and, of course, the economy.

Book section Data de publicació 2016 Llibre Valencia, 1808-2015 La història continua (Vol. 2) Pàgines 321-339 Editors Juan Carlos Colomer Rubio (coord.) y Josep Sorribes Monrabal (coord.) Publisher Balandra Edicions ISBN 978-84-943874-7-0