The provision of culture in Spain from a regional analysis perspective


The culture and leisure industry continues to be a sector that economic and social analysis does not take into sufficient consideration, despite the fact that from a broad perspective it can be considered one of the most important productive sectors in the country. The culture and leisure industry enters in its own right into the emerging sectors of the “new economy”, as content providers of the new informational capitalism. The consequences of this academic postponement are the scarcity of research from the social sciences and the limited methodological background with respect to economic analysis. From this perspective, this article addresses the multiple factorial methodology as a suitable technique for regional analysis in the study of cultural provision. By means of multiple factor analysis (MFA) we attempt to systematise the characteristics of cultural provision, for the sub-sectors of classical music, theatre and cinema, in each Spanish province.

Journal Article Journal Información Comercial Española, ICE: Revista de economía Volume 792 Pages 79-92