Feasibility Proposal for the Museum Unit Ene Térmica


In this context, and at the request of those responsible for the Ene.Térmica museum unit of the National Energy Museum in Ponferrada, the objectives of this work are:

 Based on a given theoretical framework, carry out an analysis of the current operation of the Ene.Térmica in the context of the truncated Ene.Museo Nacional de la Energía project.

 To establish a plausible contextual framework within which the functioning of museums will be measured in the coming years, the key elements of which are the consequences of the fiscal consolidation of the public sector and its restrictive framework in terms of funding, as well as a contingent demand for cultural goods and services and an environment that is not very favourable to proposals for sponsorship and patronage.

 To carry out a descriptive exercise on the reality of the functioning of the museum unit Ena.Tèrmica, the year it has been in operation, both of the budgetary situation and of the visitors.

 Obtain a global and orderly vision of the institution’s objectives.

 Approximate from estimates, using the Input-Output Tables methodology, the impact in terms of employment and gross added value of economic activities linked to the existence of Gen. Tèrmica.

Pau Rausell Köster Julio Montagut Marqués Francisco Marco Serrano Joan Llinares Palau Report Pages 1-73 City Valencia Institution Econcult