Power and culture. The origin of cultural policies


The initial aim of this text was to approach the analysis of cultural policies, on the understanding that these, within the sphere of public action, had been excessively left out of the fields of interest of social science researchers. The author’s own singularity in the environment and research themes of the Department of Applied Economics of the Universitat de València meant that our first questions consisted of trying to guess why educational, health, social, economic and environmental policies arouse much more interest from the point of view of research than cultural policies. Paradoxically, since the dawn of civilisations, power has made decisions about what cultural goods to produce, consume and distribute, and perhaps much earlier than in other areas of collective life. It is true that cultural policies, at the budgetary level, in Western welfare societies, always occupy rather modest positions, and we might think that this hierarchisation of public priorities would have been transferred in parallel to the interests of researchers. However, we do not find this answer entirely convincing, and we sensed from the outset that something in the nature of cultural goods and services themselves made them particularly elusive for the social sciences.

Book section Data de publicació 1999 Llibre Políticas y sectores culturales en la comunidad valenciana. Publisher Tirant lo Blanch Capítols 1 ISBN 9788480028233