Local and regional cultural policies: proposals for a post-crisis era


Fundación Alternativas has commissioned a group of experts to prepare a diagnosis of the state of our culture and offer proposals in order to improve it. For this reason, in this report entitled “Culture as an engine of change” the reader will find specific analyzes on the market for art, books, music or design. You can also read reflections on local, regional or European policies in relation to culture, or new topics such as culture and tourism, digital cooperation with Latin America or the self-management of culture. This is the third Report on the state of culture in Spain, prepared by the Observatory of Culture and Communication (OCC) of Fundación Alternativas, after the significant impact of the pioneering report of 2011 and the one presented in 2014. The culmination of systematic research and analysis work carried out by the Foundation in this field for more than twelve years, since the first edition we have highlighted the singular and unique perspective of our report, focused on the priority given to diversity and , therefore, to democracy, necessarily conjugable with the economic sustainability of some activities that would be unviable or would run the risk of perishing in another case.

Book section Data de publicació 2016 Llibre Informe sobre el estado de la cultura en España 2016. La cultura como motor del cambio Pàgines 79-94 Publisher Fundación Alternativas Capítols Parte III