LABHUIR: An experimental proposal for the uses of the Territory. The case of l’Auir beach.


Interventions on natural heritage generate economic, social, environmental and cultural effects on the territory. The conventional model of occupation of the first kilometres of coastline for tourist uses has proved to be tremendously depredatory, although “sun and beach” tourism, despite the permanent discourse on the exhaustion of the model, still retains a very high level of attraction for the demand. In this context, it is worth mentioning the existence of l’Auir beach, in the municipality of Gandia, a “developable” beach which, for various reasons, has not yet been developed and which has recently become the subject of debate due to the launch of an ideas competition on the potential models for the use of this territorial space. In this paper we set out some of the reflections derived from one of the ideas participating in this competition with the slogan LABHUIR.

Julio Montagut Marqués Ramón Marrades Sempere Pau Rausell Köster Book section Pàgines 201-210 Editors Universitat de València ISBN 978-84-370-9603-2