The recovery of heritage as a strategy for local development: the experience of ” La Luz de las Imágenes” based on “Camins d’Art”.


Under the slogan ‘Cultural Tourism, territorial development and sustainability’, the University of Valencia and the Institutes of Regional Studies of the Valencian Country held their first congress in 2013. Tourism is a powerful tool for generating wealth and social cohesion, enabling profitable cultural exchanges and stimulating self-esteem and collective identity. This volume brings together some fifty papers by multidisciplinary specialists, structured in three blocks: territory (archaeology, architecture and landscape), cultural heritage (culture and art), and local management (public administration and management). These reflections provide a space for exchanging points of view and understanding the different dynamics, in order to strengthen mutual trust and magnify the benefits offered by cultural tourism.

Julio Montagut Marqués Pau Rausell Köster Francisco Marco Serrano Book section Llibre Turisme cultural, desenvolupament local i sostenibilitat: 1r Congrés Universitat de València-Instituts d'Estudis Comarcals Pàgines 367-376 Edició 1ª ed. Editors Universitat de València Capítols Cultura, art i manifestacions ISBN 978-84-370-9252-2