Culture, Innovation and Creativity as Challenges and Opportunities for Europe’s Future


This publication presents studies on the impact of culture on development from different perspectives and experiences. These works respond to the need to advance in the concreteness and practical application of the reflections that have been built on a cultural approach to development. The incorporation of the cultural dimension in development policies has made considerable progress in recent years as a result of United Nations resolutions and very significant experiences in the field of *MDGs at local and international level. The effectiveness of development policies is a requirement of the international community in order to achieve the reduction of poverty and exclusion, which must be addressed from all dimensions. Assessing the impact of culture on development is now necessary because of the characteristics of culture and its need for greater visibility in development processes.

Pau Rausell Köster Raúl Abeledo Sanchis Book section Data de publicació 2013 Llibre Impactos de la dimensión cultural en el desarrollo (Alfons Martinell Sempere (coord.)) Pàgines 101-126 Editors Girona: Cátedra UNESCO de Políticas Culturales y Cooperación de la Universidad de Girona : Documenta Universitaria, D.L. 2013 ISBN 978-84-9984-226-4