Report 2021 of ceramists of the Valencian Community. Data and conclusions.


In general, within the framework of the European Union, crafts in general and ceramics as an artistic expression with an impact on the social and economic articulation of the territory have limited social recognition and institutional support.

Ceramics is one of the oldest art and craft forms created by mankind,
and today the know-how of ceramics has gradually spread all over the world, creating districts and clusters of artists, craftsmen, associations, art schools and museums. National and international networks have been built and consolidated through cultural, productive and institutional collaborations, developing contacts and cooperation, organising and promoting events such as festivals, markets, workshops, symposiums, exhibitions and awards. Artistic ceramics represents a central part of the European tradition, and from a production point of view it is mainly made up of small and micro enterprises that were affected by the economic crisis of 2008 and by competition from low-cost production.

Pau Rausell Köster Jordi Sanjuán Belda Aitana Cabedo Pérez Report Data de publicació 2021 Pages 27 Institution ADN CERÁMICO