Influence of municipal elections on the production of public goods of a preferential nature in the region of L’Horta Nord


In times of economic crisis, we have always heard that the first cuts are associated with culture. In fact, “when the river flows, it is because it carries water”, says an old saying, and there is some truth in the statement with which we begin this short reflection. However, there are several additional factors within the different social scales (local, regional, county, regional or national) that can influence the spending and consumption of certain public goods.
The results of last May’s municipal and regional elections also provide us with factors that can influence the final figures of spending and investment patterns at the local level in this type of preferential public goods.

Book section Data de publicació 2015 Llibre Participació electoral i territori: anàlisis de les elecccions municipals i autonòmiques 2015 Pàgines 63-71 Edició Colecciones Universitat i Territori, 7 Editors Universitat de València ISBN 9788437098630