Economic and social impact of musical societies on the Requena-Utiel plateau


Musical societies are one of the most important signs of Valencian identity, due to the deep roots they have in our Autonomous Region, which is why they were declared “an asset of local relevance” in 2011, and since then work is being done to have them declared “an asset of cultural interest”. The SSMM bring together a series of particularities, properties and concepts that make them unique and that include actions such as associationism, voluntary work, musical production and training, recreational activities, etc., causing with all the output generated an economic and social impact on the population and the region. In this paper, we would like to focus on some of the consequences of the SSMM in the Meseta de Requena-Utiel region.

Julio Montagut Marqués Journal Article Data de publicació 2018 Journal Oleana Cuadernos de Cultura Comarcal Volume Año 2018 Issue 32 Pages 293-310 Tags Pau Rausell Köster