Budgetary Structure, Dimension and Economic Impact of Musical Societies in the Valencian Community.


Despite the fact that certain clichés convey the idea that music societies are traditionally associated with pre-modern spaces, linked to a socio-economic model of rural origin, the SSMMs show a surprising vitality and their areas of growth are medium-sized and large cities. It should be borne in mind that SSMMs deal with music that constitutes a universal -globalisable- language, that represents the only area of true democratisation of cultural consumption, and that it is attractive to the younger generations (much more so than other expressions of music).

Pau Rausell Kóster (dir.) Juan Castaño Marín Vicente Arastey Pablo Julio Montagut Marqués Ezequiel Uriel Jiménez Vicente Coll Serrano Report Data de publicació 2011 City València Institution Econcult. Universitat de València.