Estratègia Comboi: collaborative networked spaces


The word ‘Comboi’ refers to the popular capacity to harness resources, to uncover opportunities in scarcity and to overcome adversity collectively. From this arises the idea of a Comboi Economy based on the coordinated development of these spontaneous community initiatives, giving them support and incentives so that they become elements of urban development. In this text we present the experience of the Comboi Strategy and its application in the Old Town of Xàbia (Alacant). Estratègia Comboi is an urban and business initiative to facilitate entrepreneurship and reactivate local economies. It is also a collaborative tool that allows professionals to access the space, bring life to the street and generate networking dynamics in which to share talent and experience.

Ramón Marrades Book section Data de publicació 2013 Llibre Ciudadanía empoderada: cultura y participación para el desarrollo local (Territori i poblacio, 4) Pàgines 273-287 Editors Editorial Germania ISBN 978-84-16044-25-2