Estimating the economic impact of museums through new information technologies: the case of the Thermal Energy Museum.


It is increasingly necessary to highlight the potential of culture as a driver of economic development and its capacity to generate income and create employment. For this reason, this paper evaluates the economic impact of the Ene.Térmica museum on the territory in which it is located, Ponferrada (Community of Castilla y León, Spain). To achieve this objective, the estimation of the different types of effects necessary to determine the impact of the economic activities linked to the existence of Ene.Térmica is carried out, based on the methodology of the Input-Output Tables, using the Impactrimonio tool, an application implemented on a web platform. The results obtained indicate that between the museum’s activities and the demand flows generated by the pull effect of visitors, between 2011 and 2012, an increase in production of more than 15 million euros, an increase in income for the population of almost 10 million euros and an increase in employment of 327 jobs were generated.

Journal Article Data de publicació 2014 Journal Transinformação Volume 27 Issue 3 Pages 265-276 DOI 10.1590/0103-37862015000300008