The time of culture. Economic and Social Report on the Balearic Islands 2004

The social prospective around the phenomenon of culture repeats with sufficient recurrence the story that we are drifting ineluctably towards the space of the trivialisation of symbolic messages, that is, towards the decline of culture. For the most, the detriment of deep meaning, massification, the reduction of cultural diversity as a result of globalisation, the failures of educational systems to transmit the essential events of our histories and literatures, the media misrepresentation of cultural events, the invasion of cultural sites by the tourist hordes, and even the emergence of the Internet, are perceived as irrefutable proof of a decadence that brings us closer to poorer, smaller social environments that limit the human condition subjected to the bombardment of television and advertising messages that only activate and reinforce our condition as consumer beings.
Pau Rausell Köster Report Data de publicació 2005 Pages 532-538 Institution Sa Nostra Caixa de Balears