Economy and museums

First of all, I must thank the DIBAM for this cordial invitation, although I am a little overwhelmed by this “international expert”. I am just as much a national, the only thing is that I am from another nation, but I have not the slightest inkling of being an international expert and what I can say is that I know what I have been called in for: to generate terror in Mr. Ottone and Mr. Sánchez. I confess: I am an economist. Forgive me, but sometimes you can’t choose what you want to be, and that’s what happened to me.
Book section Data de publicació 2010 Llibre Pensar en Red. ¿Qué queremos para los museos? Pàgines 46-61 Publisher Dirección de bibliotecas y archivos. Gobierno de Chile. ISBN 978-956-244-233-6