Culture as a factor of socio-economic innovation in rural areas: the case of the artistic crafts cluster of La Città Europea dei Mestieri d’Arte (CITEMA)


Cultural and creative activities are a factor of growing importance for the development of territories. Competitiveness in times of globalisation requires public policies that promote social and economic innovation. This phenomenon places culture and creativity at the heart of regional and local development strategies. Cultural organisations and agents thus emerge as major promoters of innovation. The rural world is no stranger to this dynamic, although it has its own specificities. Cultural entrepreneurship in relation to a cluster of artistic crafts in the Chiana Valley (Tuscany, Italy) serves to illustrate and analyse these and other issues. To do so, we use the main results generated by the project: the promotion of the craft sector and artistic mobility, the international projection of the territory, the social awareness and dynamisation, and the improvement of institutional coordination through the establishment of networking actions.

Journal Article Data de publicació 2016 Journal AGER: Revista de Estudios sobre Despoblación y Desarrollo Rural Volume 2016 Issue 20 Pages 73-103 DOI 10.4422/ager.2015.15