Culture as a factor of social and economic innovation


The following text aims to broaden the understanding of the relationship between culture and the evolution of communities in Europe. The document arises from the theoretical need to think and reflect on a plausible model that clarifies how culture affects and relates to other dimensions of the socio-economic reality of a territory, but also responds to the more practical need to frame the concrete actions of the cultural agents that have participated in the European project *Sostenuto. Throughout this three-year adventure, the project partners have been severely constrained by the restrictions imposed by day-to-day work, with all the financial, administrative and management difficulties associated with their own cultural projects.

Pau Rausell Köster (coord.) Raül Abeledo Sanchis Rafael Boix Sempere Francisco Marco Serrano Book Data de publicació 2012 City Valencia Editors RCE. Relais Culture Europe