Creative-based and Sustainable Ways of Living Together. What Does Econonomics Have to Say?


From our research experience, we have witnessed a real revolution in the last two decades in the role that economics has to play in the analysis of culture. In the mid-1990s, the view from the field of economics was that economists of culture were engaged in marginal and even curious entertainments, but ultimately not relevant to explaining the real dynamics of reality. Today, all the debates on the development and growth models that should save Europe focus on issues that cultural economists had already dealt with, such as human and social capital, symbolic goods, creativity and innovation. We went from being an exotic part of the invisible school of thought of economics to being the unmissable guests at any party organised under the guise of economics.

Pau Rausell Kóster Book section Data de publicació 2012 Llibre Culture &innvoation(s). Europe seen from the south Pàgines 45-45 Editors RCE. Relais Culture Europe