How to evaluate culture and development interventions II: A proposal for indicator systems


This publication is part of the editorial project of the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation on Culture and Development, which is the result of the desire to deepen this programmatic line expressed in the Third Master Plan for Spanish Cooperation (2009-2012). The increase in actions and projects in the cultural sector, with the aim of influencing development processes, calls for a reflection and conceptualisation of experiences and practices that allow us to specify the essential contribution of culture to the Millennium Development Goals. These actions and possibilities do not always find the space to be known and disseminated, which is why these publications can become working and reflection materials for development cooperation actors. Based on the definition given by UNESCO in 1982 (“Culture can be considered as the set of distinctive spiritual, material, intellectual and emotional traits that characterise a society or social group. It encompasses, in addition to arts and literature, ways of life, fundamental human rights, value systems, traditions and beliefs”), we try to offer analyses and proposals from different disciplines related to culture, as well as to compile experiences that help us to raise awareness of the need for a cultural perspective in development policies. The contents and authors of these works come from a wide variety of backgrounds, with the aim of turning this collection into a platform for disseminating materials on cultural action as a factor in development and the fight against poverty. Its titles are aimed at people interested in this subject and at social agents involved in development policies, and are intended to be a new contribution to the vision of this subject from the practice that is currently being carried out. This collection is part of the dissemination objective of the Culture and Development Sectoral Strategy of Spanish Cooperation, and invites people and organisations working in this area of development cooperation to participate in its dissemination.

Salvador Carrasco Arroyo (coord.) Olga Blasco Blasco Vicente Coll Serrano Francisco Marco Serrano Pau Rausell Köster Luis Vila Lladosa Book Data de publicació 2011 City Madrid Edition 1ª ed. Editors Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo (AECID) ISBN 978-84-8347-144-9