An approach to urban tourism. The value of the packaged city in the case of Valencia.

This paper tries to develop a new concept useful to analyse the phenomenon of urban tourism: the packaged city; a) as a synthetic catalogue of the tourist offer of the cities, b) as a prescriptive element of the demand and c) as a configurator of the image of the city. This concept tries to link the connections between the strategies of residents, planners and private agents. It also analyses the emerging phenomenon of urban tourism, as well as proposing a quantitative approach to the concept of the “packaged city” through the method of contingent valuation applied to Valencia. To this end, it proposes an analysis of the recent configuration of the city of Valencia as an urban destination.

Journal Article Data de publicació 2005 Journal Revista De Economía, Turismo Sociedad Y Medio Ambiente Issue 2 Pages 9-34