An analysis of the Valencian Institute of Modern Art (IVAM) management


The Valencian Institute of Modern Art (IVAM) is one of the most significant institutions in the cultural space of the Valencian Community. Its role as a museum of Modern Art is today one of the most important references in the national museum reality. The consistency of its project, its impact and its consolidation in a relatively short space of time have attracted the attention of specialists. The fact that it arose from a public sector initiative and in a relatively peripheral space in terms of the strong concentration and centralisation of the world art scene gives it a special singularity that demands a certain attention to its management guidelines.

Book section Data de publicació 2001 Llibre Gestión de proyectos culturales: Análisis de casos Pàgines 41-63 Editors Joan Font, Lluís Bonet, Xavier Castañer Publisher Ariel ISBN 84-344-6799-2