Advertising and Consumption: A new field for social Participation?


The papers presented in this volumen, written by a group of established as well as new authors in the field of media discourse, demonstrate the enthusiasm and, indeed, the excitement of researchers working with this almost inexhaustible variety of discourse, with its innumerable shifts over time and space as reflected by the international caracter of English as the world’s main language in the media as in so many other contexts. The volume contributes to our understanding of the central significance of interpersonal functions in the communication of public messages. By drawing on naturally-occurring data collecetd from a range of genres as diverse as political interviews, newspaper reports, radio phone-in, new-lad magazines, consumer advertisements, internet communication and children’s reading, contributors to Windows on the World: Media Discourse in English both refine descriptions of the relations between text and context and offer numerous new insights and analysis.

Claudia Rausell Köster Pau Rausell Köster Book section Data de publicació 2002 Llibre Windows on the World: Media Discourse in English Pàgines 265-280 Editors Universitat de València ISBN 978-84-370-5446-9