A Foresight Exercise on Cultural Observatories


Ever since Horkheimer and Adorno coined the term culture industry, albeit with the aim of demonstrating that the terms of the binomial were antithetical, a plethora of studies and institutions have highlighted the economic importance acquired by culture and communication in recent decades, both for its role as a catalyst for creativity and innovation and for its contribution to growth and employment. In the latter respect, the European Commission estimates its contribution, limited to the field of what it calls cultural and creative industries (CCIs), at 2.6% of GDP and around five million quality jobs in the 27 countries of the European Union as a whole. And perhaps these figures, although relevant, are only a pale reflection of the central role that the sector plays in the processes of sustainable development, overcoming productivism and mere quantitative growth. This European and Ibero-American edition brings together 32 research papers presented in 2011 at the Isla del Pensamiento de Galicia (in San Simón, Redondela, opposite Vigo) in French, Spanish, Galician and Portuguese on the theme of this book.

Book section Llibre Economía de la Cultura y la Comunicación en la Era Digital Pàgines 83-100 Edició 1ª ed. Editors Fernando Salgado García y Valentín Alejandro Martínez Publisher Media XXI Formalpress Capítols 4 ISBN 978-989-7290-28-2