How culture feeds industrial innovation? A strategic evaluation from creativewear project


How can Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) provide innovative solutions to the Textile and Clothing (T&C) industry?

CreativeWear is an Interreg MED project (2017-2019) aimed at revitalising the crisis-ridden Textile and Clothing (T&C) industry by tapping into the regional creative potentialities through the involvement of creative communities, the enhancement of cultural heritage and the adoption of customer-oriented value chains.

This book evaluates the activities and outcomes of CreativeWear project and its capacity to introduce changes into creative and textile organisations, the regional innovation ecosystem and the transnational cooperation strategies. In this sense, we try to answer to the following questions:

What are the key market evidences discovered during the CreativeWear project?

Have the expectations and goals of the project been met? What unexpected issues have arisen?

What lessons and recommendations do they provide for policy-makers and regional specialization strategies?

Raúl Abeledo Sanchis Óscar M. Blanco Sierra Maria Sendra Moreno Guillem Bacete Armengot Book Data de publicació 2019 City Valencia ISBN 978-84-09-12324-7