On 29 April, Econcult coordinator Pau Rausell will give a talk on the relationship between culture and creativity and urban planning.

Marcos Lorenzo, técnico de cultura del Ayuntamiento de Ferrol, y Leonardo González, técnico de Trivium ECT, informarán sobre los objetivos, metodología y etapas en la elaboración del Plan Estratégico de Cultura de Ferrol. La reunión finalizará con una sesión abierta para que los asistentes puedan formular sus preguntas, sugerencias y propuestas.

It is expected that the Strategic Plan for Culture will be the tool that will allow an orderly and rational definition of cultural actions in Ferrol over the coming years. To achieve this objective, it will gather the suggestions and proposals of the citizens through a participatory process that will reach both the citizens and the institutions and cultural agents of the municipality, as well as the different political groups. This session will explain not only the different phases of this process, but also the different mechanisms and channels of participation.

After this presentation, the actual drafting of the plan will begin, in which citizen participation will play a decisive role. To this end, a series of sectoral meetings open to the public will be held, which will be complemented by in-depth interviews with the municipality’s cultural agents and the opening of a specific channel so that all those who wish to do so can present their proposals.

The conference will highlight some of the new developments in Jerez's cultural planning process, developed in collaboration with Culturalink.