Faculty and Research Staff. UVEG
Pau Rausell Köster
Head of Department
Applied Economics. UVEG
Gandia (1966). Economist and lecturer in the Department of Applied Economics at the University of Valencia. Director of the Research Area in Economics of Culture and Tourism (Econcult). He has published numerous books and articles in perfect specialised journals and in the press on subjects related to communication and culture. He is a regular speaker at seminars and numerous national and international conferences on topics such as creative cities, the relationship between culture, innovation and development and the economic impact of culture. He has participated in cultural planning processes and studies for territories such as Catalonia, the Valencian Community and the city of Valencia, the Canary Islands, Madrid and the Community of Madrid, among others. He leads and participates in national and European competitive projects such as INNOVA, SOSTENUTO, CREATIVEMED, 3C4INCUBATORS, OPEN DOORS, CULTURE FOR CITIES AND REGIONS, TRANSMAKING, DESIGNSPACES and MESOC.
Enllaç Descarregar CV
Raül Abeledo Sanchis
International Project Coordinator
Applied economics
Raúl Abeledo (Paris, 1973) is an economist whose area of specialisation integrates sustainable development and cultural planning. Since 2006, he has been coordinator of European Projects at Econcult (Research Unit in Cultural Economics), where he joined after seven years of experience in private consultancy. This experience was fundamental to the success of the internationalisation experienced by Econcult over the last ten years (6 InterregMED projects and 3 Horizon2020 projects). Raúl Abeledo is the author of numerous publications and academic articles related to the role of culture in the dynamics of innovation and regional development. He is currently a member of the Culture Roundtable of the Spanish Network for Sustainable Development and academic director of the Cultural Observatory of the University of Valencia.
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Rafa Boix-Doménech
Economic structure. UVEG
Professor of the Department of Economic Structure at the Universitat de València. His main research interests are: regional and urban economics, creative industries, industrial districts and city networks. He has participated in applied research for several institutions, among them: Barcelona and València City Councils, Barcelona Provincial Council, the Spanish Ministry of Industry and the OECD.
Amparo Oliver Germes
Behavioural Science Methodology
PhD in Psychology, Professor of Behavioural Science Methodology. Director of the interdisciplinary research group ARMAQoL-GIUV2017-359 Advanced Research Methods Applied to Quality of Life Promotion, based at the Faculty of Psychology and Speech Therapy of the University of Valencia. ORCID https://orcid.org/0000-0002-1207-4088. Coordinator of the interdisciplinary doctorate in Promotion of Autonomy and Social and Health Care for Dependency at the University of Valencia and postgraduate lecturer at different universities. Member of SECPAL and the Valencian Society of Palliative Care, of EVAP-BW (association of businesswomen and professionals), consultant for several Spanish quality agencies.
PhD Students
Jordi Sanjuán Belda
Applied Economics. UVEG
Economist and Master in Economic Policy and Public Economics, with extraordinary awards in both degrees. Prior to Econcult, she has developed two research grants in the Department of Applied Economics, as well as internships in the Directorate General of Financing and European Funds of the Generalitat Valenciana. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Social Sciences researching on the impacts of Cultural and Creative Industries on Regional Welfare. Professional Certificate in Data Science from Harvard University. She is currently doing a research stay at the JRC in Ispra.
Fernando Álvarez Teresa
Applied Economics
Fernando holds a degree in economics from the University of Oviedo and specializes in economic policy after completing the Official Master's Degree in Economic Policy and Public Economics at the University of Valencia. In addition, during his time at university he has been a student representative and has collaborated writing in student publications on current economic issues. Experiences that have served him to value the social fact in academic research. She is a cultural activist in defense of the Asturian language and its official status. He considers Culture as a key factor to favor territorial development, which provides values, collective self-esteem and facilitates the triggering of innovation processes.
Research staff by project
Sendy Ghirardi
Contracted PID MESOC project
Applied Economics
Sendy Ghirardi is a PhD researcher at Econcult, the Cultural and Tourism Economics Research Area of the Department of Applied Economics. She is also project manager of the consulting firm CULTURALINK. Her studies focus on the relationship between cultural participation and well-being, the social impact of museums and participatory theories and practices. She has published on these topics in international books and journals. He participates in national and European research and consultancy projects.
Francesco Molinari
Project Manager. MESOC
Applied economics
Independent researcher and project manager who has worked for several public and private organizations in Europe, including clients in Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia and the United Kingdom. Throughout my career I have been involved in the coordination (or participation) of about twenty R&D and innovation projects related to ICT at European, national and regional level, many of them on issues of participation and eGovernment. For the European Commission, among others, I wrote in 2008 a study for the evaluation of the Living Labs approach in the EU innovation scenario and the Internet of the Future. I have carried out consultancies for several Italian regions (Piemont, Puglia, Vall d'Aosta, Veneto) on issues related to the creation and management of Living Labs. For the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, Department of Cohesion Policy, I led in 2010-2012 a State-Region Working Group aimed at the establishment of PCP (Pre Commercial Procurement) in the practice of public administration.
Chuan Li
Contracted PID. DESIGNSCAPES Project
Applied economics
Chuan Li is a PhD researcher at the Department of Applied Economics. His research focuses on innovation in cultural organisations, and design-facilitated innovation. He has published a dozen scientific articles and indexed in international and national journals and books. In recent years, he has coordinated several academic and cultural projects at the international level in collaboration with universities (Xangai Jiaotong University and Yunnan University) and intergovernmental organisations (Asia-Europe Foundation), and has also participated in several European projects under H2020 and INTERREG. In 2016, he was selected in the first edition of the Global Cultural Leadership programme of the Cultural Diplomacy Platform in the European Union.
Andreu Francés Gimeno
Research technician
Applied economics
Graduate in Tourism from the University of Alicante. Master's Degree in Tourism Management and Planning from the University of Valencia.
Cristian Baghiu
Web developer. PIND project MESOC
Applied economics
Cristian is a computer engineer, graduated from the UPV, and holds a Master's Degree in Engineering and Technology of Software Systems. He collaborates with the PROS research group at the UPV. He is currently the development director of the AUCultur Platform, as part of the MESOC project.
Borja Abril Revert
Behavioural Science Methodology
Graduate in psychology, he is currently studying the Master's Degree in Social and Health Care for Dependency. He collaborates with the research group Advanced Research Methods Applied to Quality of Life Promotion (ARMAQoL).
External research partners
Tony Ramos Murphy
PhD in Social Sciences, B.A. in Philosophy, Diploma in Cultural Policies, MA in Cultural Management and Diploma in Advanced Studies in Cultural Law. He is director of the consultancy Culturalink.
Chema Segovia
Architect. Coordinator of city and culture projects
Urban planner, coordinator of the society/culture/city area at Culturalink. Collaborating lecturer on the Master's Degree in City and Urban Planning, UOC. Public space coordinator of the Marina de València revitalisation project.
Guillem Bacete
Degree in Tourism. Master in Public Economics and Economic Policy. Researcher at CULTURALINK
Aitana Cabedo Pérez
Research Technician
Applied economics
Graduate with a double degree in Business Administration and Tourism. Master's degree in Tourism Management and Planning from the University of Valencia.
Pau Díaz Solano
Research Technician
Applied economics
Sociologist and political scientist specialising in the field of the sociology of culture. He is currently studying a master's degree in Cultural Management at the UPV and UV. He has worked in the cultural sector at Culturalink and Econcult and in research projects at ACICOM on associationism.
Júlia Sorribes
Editor. Translator. Proofreader. Communication
Júlia was a contract researcher on the SOSTENUTO project (2009-2012). Since then she has been collaborating regularly with the Econcult team from Cardiff.
Francis Marco Serrano
Data Scientist
Francisco Marco Serrano was the first contract won by Econcult; the CONCERCOST project. Although his career has been directed towards data analysis, he continues to lend us a hand, from London, when we need it.
Francesc Cabañés
Head of the Ethnological Research and Traditional Culture Section and of the Department of Communication and Dissemination of the Museu Valencià d'Etnologia. Provincial Council of Valencia
Degree in Geography and History from the University of Valencia. 1996 Master's Degree in Management of Cultural Services in Local Administrations. University of Valencia.
Antonio Martínez López
Professional independent. Consultant.
Vicepresident of PerformArt and Cultural Manager
Taiane Fernandes
Communicologist, journalist and editor
PhD in Culture and Society. She did a research stay at Econcult between 2017 and 2018, where she developed her thesis: Public policy, cultural policy and social participation: comparative case study of musical societies in Bahia/Brazil and Valencia/Spain. For more than a decade she has been active in public cultural management and research projects in Brazil.
Angélica Gutierrez Negret
Photographer. Audiovisual productions.
Trainees and interns
Inés Carreres Soliva
Research support
Graduate in International Business. Developing the Master's Degree in Public Policy.
Ying Wang
PhD candidate
Researcher at the University of Yunnan developing her doctoral thesis on cultural facilities.